About Us

OCMC has a 20+ years solid reputation in software development for various small, medium and large size law firms. We focus on developing practical solutions for legal practitioners, enabling them to be more productive and work more efficiently with Microsoft Word. With our highly qualified staff, we make every day a difference for our customers.

Vision and Core Values
Our vision is to support lawyers and their support staff in their efforts in drafting documents in Microsoft Word. We are constantly innovating and finding effective solutions to their everyday problems.

Our vision is supported by our core values:

Efficiency made easy
It is our mission to help our customers to work with Microsoft Word as efficiently and effectively as possible. We really make an effort to understand how legal practitioners work with Microsoft Word and we use these insights to find effective solutions that do make a difference in time and productivity

We adapt and constantly and improve the functionality of our software in order to meet the demands of the legal practitioners.

Customer orientation
The legal practitioners' user experience with our software matters to us. Only if they are satisfied with our software meeting their demands, we are too.

OCMC ToolSuite and LegalNumbering
OCMC has bundled all solutions to enhance the effectivity and productivity of legal practitioners in one software: the OCMC ToolSuite. This suite of software tools offers legal practitioners solid numbering, (corporate) styles, autonumbering of requests, enhanced cross references and boilerplate text functionality. LegalNumbering is a part of this suite, with its autonumbering features. You can now purchase LegalNumbering as a stand-alone software. If you are interested in buying the whole suite of OCMC-tools for legal practitioners, please contact us. Write us an email at this address: info@legalnumbering.com and we will get in touch with you.