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Autonumbering of Discovery Requests in Microsoft Word

If you are working in litigation, you spend a lot of time preparing legal documents for discovery. Currently you have to type a phrase like 'Request for Production' over and over again. You also have to manually insert the next number.

There is a better way to do this. LegalNumbering is a Microsoft Word-add in that is easy-to-install and allows you to simply autonumber discovery requests. This will save you a lot of time and reduces the risk of faulty numbering.

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  • Already used by many lawyers worldwide
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  • An essential add-in for Microsoft Word (Windows)
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What is LegalNumbering?

What is it?

LegalNumbering is an add-in for Microsoft Word, adding a tab to the ribbon:

With it, legal practitioners can autonumber discovery requests such as Interrogatory, Requests for Production, Request for Admission, etc.

LegalNumbering is developed in close cooperation with premier litigation lawyers.

Main Features:

  • An additional tab ‘LegalNumbering’ in the ribbon
  • Works with Windows Word 2007 and more recent versions
  • Easy installation, less than 5 minutes!
  • Simple to use, no advanced skills required
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  • Insert Different Types of Numbered Words

    LegalNumbering allows you to choose between different types of discovery requests such as Interrogatory and Request for Admission. You can also define their character styles (bold, italic) and add a description (e.g. Letter of Mr. Pamuk, dated 12 May 2007). In addition, you can even create easily your own type of numbered word (e.g. ‘Trail Exhibit’).


  • Automatic Table of Contents of all Numbered Words

    Do you want a tabel of contents with an overview of all your numbered words, such as Interrogatories? LegalNumbering creates automatically such a table within your Word document (with the number and description of the type of discovery request).

  • Insert a Prefix or Suffix

    LegalNumbering enables you to automatically add a prefix and/or a suffix to your discovery request, which you can customise to suit your needs.

  • Cross-references to Numbered Words

    LegalNumbering even enables you to make automatic cross-references to your numbered words. These cross-references will automatically adjust every time you edit the numbering of existing numbered words! No manually re-typing of numbers!

  • Add Second Level of Numbering

    You can even add a second level of numbering (for example Request for Production 2.a and 2.b) with LegalNumbering.

  • Save time with LegalNumbering

    You will save time with LegalNumbering. Find out for yourself and try it for free for 14 days, no strings attached.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What are supported Microsoft Word-versions?

To use LegalNumbering, you need to have a valid license for Microsoft Word 2007 and more recent versions (Windows only).

What do I get when I buy LegalNumbering?

You get a single user license, to be used on 1 computer.  In addition, you can access all our video-lessons and our extensive help page.

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